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google assistant commands 2019 will help in communication

today we are talking about google assistant commands 2019  will help in communication The Google Assistant is the central and central part of the entire Google ecosystem, and the company continues to regularly provide it with new additional features. Google Assistant always knew how to read SMS messages sent via the standard Messages application in Android or in the Hangouts application. But many users around the world use third-party messengers for everyday communication. These applications were not supported by Google Assistant until the last one received the next update today.

google assistant commands 2019 can read messages from all messengers

Previously, if a user told the Assistant “read my messages”, the voice assistant only read the contents of regular SMS, ignoring all incoming messages from other applications, such as Telegram, WhatsApp, Viber, Slack, and so on.


After a recent update of google assistant commands 2019, users on the Internet noticed that the assistant began to react differently to the standard command for reading messages and learned to fully interact with third-party messengers, allowing you to not only read messages, but also send an answer to them right away.

In order for Google Assistant to read the contents of received messages to you, you must allow it access to your notifications, but since Google Assistant is built into the Google application, you must grant permission to the latter.

google assistant commands 2019 will learn to play and record audio messages on command


To demonstrate functionality after all permissions received, the Google Assistant will show the latest incoming messages and read them out loud to the user, including the name of the application in which it was received and the name of the sender. Then the voice assistant will offer to write manually or dictate the answer to the message in voice. Upon completion, the response is immediately sent, and the original message is marked as read. After that, the notification simply disappears.

Unfortunately, messages that contain images, video and audio, Google Assistant still can not read. However, there are rumors now in the network that in future updates we will be able to listen to voice messages by a certain command with the help of the Assistant, and also send an audio message in response to a command.

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