Will rubik’s cube algorithms AI be able to collect the Rubik’s Cube faster than humans?

The Rubik’s cube algorithms are to some extent a unique puzzle. On the one hand, understanding the principle of how to assemble and disassemble a cube is quite simple. On the other hand, to improve your skills in collecting this puzzle can be infinite. People all over the world collect Rubik’s cube for a while and regularly set new and new records in assembly speed. But can artificial intelligence outperform humans and assemble the cube faster?

We will not keep the intrigue and say right away: yes, maybe. Of course, all calculations for the solution take place in a virtual environment. However, in this case, it’s interesting not so much how quickly the AI ​​collects the puzzle, but how the artificial intelligence designed for these purposes works.

How AI works to solve the puzzle

cube solver AI

The new artificial intelligence is called DeepCubeA and it was developed by scientists from the University of California. The creators of the algorithm note that its work is fundamentally different from everything that was created earlier.

“We felt that the way of thinking of AI should be completely different from human,” said Professor Pierre Baldi from the University of California. “DeepCubeA combines deep machine learning technologies with an“ archive of renowned solutions. ” That is, he can find the most efficient Rubik’s cube assembly algorithm while using less computing power. ”

What are the AI to solve a Rubik’s Cube?

By “archive of known solutions”, developers mean the following: the program first studies the already solved problem, and then “unwinds” the puzzle to its original state. In “traditional” systems, which solve the puzzle from beginning to end, sorting through hundreds of various options for finding a solution, the decisive role is played by how quickly the AI ​​can make a selection. A person thinks about the same way when he starts collecting a cube.

DeepCubeA at the same time develops tactics and strategy for solving the problem in the most optimal way. So, if a person spends an average of 60-80 moves to solve the Rubik’s Cube, then DeepCubeA does it in 30. Moreover, he only needs 1 second to do this.

Who is the fastest to collect the Rubik’s Cube?

Despite the fact that DeepCubeA collected the Rubik’s cube algorithms in just 1 second, the main record belongs to another AI. In 2018, engineers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology developed min2phase, which takes just 0.38 seconds to solve a problem. But thanks to the traditional approach, it was not possible to find the use of min2phase. DeepCubeA is much more promising in this regard

“The solution of the Rubik’s cube includes not only the work of mathematical calculation, but the connection of abstract thinking. AI, capable of solving this puzzle, is getting closer to learning how to think, reason and make decisions, going beyond the bounds of software tasks. ”

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